There are two configuration values which act as default values for the instrumentor.

sklearn_instrumentation.config.DEFAULT_EXCLUDE = [<class 'bytes'>, <class 'str'>, <class 'numpy.ndarray'>, <enum 'Enum'>, <class 'sklearn.tree._classes.BaseDecisionTree'>]

By default, exclude these types from instrumentation. The default setting is to exclude bytes, str, ndarray, Enum and BaseDecisionTree.

sklearn_instrumentation.config.DEFAULT_METHODS = ['_fit', '_fit_transform', '_predict', '_predict_log_proba', '_predict_proba', '_transform', 'fit', 'fit_transform', 'predict', 'predict_log_proba', 'predict_proba', 'transform']

By default, instrument these methods on all BaseEstimators. The default is to instrument _fit, _predict, _predict_log_proba, _predict_proba, _transform, fit, predict, predict_log_proba, predict_proba, and transform.